Goods and Services Tax (GST) Forms for Return/Statement

Sr.No Form Number Return Help Description
1. R-1 GSTR-1 Filing Guide Outwards details of supplies of goods or services
2. R-1A Auto drafted details of supplies of goods or services
3. R-2 GSTR-2 Filing Guide Inward supplies details of goods or services
4. R-2A Supplies auto drafted details from GSTR-1 or GSTR-5 to recipient
5. R-3 GSTR-3 Filing Guide Monthly returns
6. R-3A Return defaulter u/s 46 Notice
7. R-3B GSTR-3B Filing Guide All Dealers
8. R-4 GSTR-4 Filing Guide Registered persons opting composition levy Quarterly return
9. R-4A Registered persons opting composition levy Auto drafted details
10. R-5 GSTR-5 Filing Guide Non-Resident Taxable Persons Return
11. R-5A Online information and database access or retrieval services by a person located outside India made to non-taxable persons in India Details of supplies
12. R-6 GSTR-6 Filing Guide Input service distributors returns
13. R-6A Supplies auto drafted from GSTR-1 or GSTR-5 to ISD details
14. R-7 GSTR-7 Filing Guide Tax Deduction at Source returns
15. R-7A TDS Certificate
16. R-8 GSTR-8 Filing Guide Tax Collection at Source statement
17. R-9 Annual return
18. R-9A Compounding taxable persons registered under section 8 Simplified Annual return
19. R-9B Reconciliation of Statement
20. R-10 Final return
21. R-11 GSTR-11 Filing Guide Inward supplies statement for persons having Unique Identification Number (UIN)
22. TRP-1 Application for enrolment as Tax return preparer
23. TRP-2 Enrolment certificate as Tax return preparer
24. TRP-3 Show cause to as Tax return preparer
25. TRP-4 Order of cancelling enrolment as Tax return preparer
26. TRP-5 List of Tax return preparers
27. TRP-6 Consent of taxable person to Tax return preparer
28. TRP-7 Withdrawal of authorization to tax return preparer
29. 9A Audit Report
30. ITC-1A ITC MIsmatch Report
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